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Collection: Servicing

Bob’s Mowers service and repair most brands of outdoor power equipment.
Bring in your lawn mower and/or other outdoor garden equipment, anytime we are open. You do not need for an appointment.

We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4.55pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.
Please note:

1) Expectations: NOT all equipment can be repaired or is worth repairing. This is because spare parts may not be available, the cost of parts and labour are too high, or the level of damage is too great and beyond economic repair.

2) Payment: You are bringing your equipment to us to be serviced and/or repaired.
We expect to get paid for time and parts used on your equipment. We have a high success rate, but NOT all equipment can be repaired or is worth repairing. We expect to be paid for the parts and time incurred on your job, regardless of the result. Most people understanding this situation but a few people prefer operate However, we will provide advice accordingly.

The benefit of buying quality outdoor equipment from great brands such as Masport, Makita, Morrison, Honda, Solo, Victa, Shindaiwa and Echo, is that with regular servicing, these machines will reward you with many years of reliable performance.

Whether you require a ‘service’ (new oil, plug, air filter and flail blades x 2 or bar blade
sharpen – refer 3. below) or ‘repair’ (refer 4. below) then we can help at a reasonable price.

Booking In The Job
When you bring the equipment in to us, we require your name, email address, contact phone number and a $30 deposit. The deposit is deducted from the total cost of the job. 

Equipment Not Going?
Let us identify the problem(s) and provide an estimate to repair.
Cost: $30.00

First 5 Hour Service - Lawnmower
This is the first step to ensuring a long life for your engine. Briggs and Stratton recommend changing the oil in the mower engine after the first 5 hours of use. We will discuss options with you and provide you with an estimate of cost to repair.
Cost: $30.00

General Lawnmower Service.
Typically the price range $95 - $160 depending on parts required.

Cost Estimate: If you are nervous about the costs for the job, we can provide a “Cost Estimate”. This is not a fixed price Quote. It is our best estimate of the parts and time to complete the job. We are generally fairly accurate but it is not until you do the job that we find and understand the actual issues. Thus actual costs can vary up or down but are generally very close.
Cost: 139.00 +/-

Equipment Repairs
This work is undertaken on a ‘parts and time’ basis.

Outdoor power equipment blade sharpening service.

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