At Bobs we have access to a wide range of outdoor power equipment as seen on our website. However our premises are relatively small and we can not hold every item in stock.

Morrison Petrol Blower

Morrison Petrol Blower

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At just 3.9kg this petrol-powered blower is lightweight and easy to use, yet has high blowing capacity. The 26cc high tolerance engine is crafted with precision bearings and delivers ample power.


  • 25.4cc engine delivers ample power
  • Up to 265 km/h air speed
  • Two interchangeable blower tubes supplied allow you to clear a focused or wide area easily and efficiently
  • High capacity blowing power
  • High tolerance engine crafted with precision engine bearings
  • Engine compliant with Australian Emissions Standards to Level EU V
  • Lightweight and easy to use

    • SpecificationsMotor
    • Petrol - Engine Type
    • 2 Stroke - Displacement
    • 25.4cc - Blower Type
    • Blower Only - Air Speed Up to 265 km/h
    • Weight - 4.6kg