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Aegis SAE 30 Red Mower Oil - 1 Litre

Aegis SAE 30 Red Mower Oil - 1 Litre

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Aegis SAE mineral oils are a range of straight grade minerals oil designed for use where a mono-grade oil is required. Aegis SAE Mineral Oils are blended using an additive package designed to reduce wear, and to help reduce oxidation and to help keep engines and gearboxes cleaner.

The applications for this oil are usually in small engines found on lawnmowers, small diggers, generators and other small air cooled engines, as well as some gearbox applications, both automotive and industrial where a straight mineral oil without EP additives is required.

- For use in smaller air cooled engines.
- For use in most 4 stroke lawnmower engines.
- Where a SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG or SH monograde 30 oil is required.
- produced with red colouring for easy identification.
- Where non EP gear oil is specified or required.


- Reduces engine wear and helps to extend engine life.
- Helps to protect the engine under severe operating conditions.
- Helps to fight against varnishing.
- Helps to keep gearboxes cleaner.