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Aegis Chain & Bar Oil

Aegis Chain & Bar Oil

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Aegis Chainbar Lube is specially formulated using special additive packages to lubricate chains, bars and sprockets on most types of chainsaws and other equipment. Especially required where the equipment is used in an industrial situation under arduous conditions, such as chainsaws used in commercial operations.

Aegis Chainbar Lube offers improved stick-ability lubrication on the top and bottom of the bar and works to reduce varnish forming on the chain. Also offers good anti-wear, anti-friction, tackiness and pitch dissolving properties. When use, Aegis Chainbar Lube will extend the life of the chain and the bar significantly.

For extra heavy-duty use, Aegis Chainbar Lube Double Tack should be used. This offers the added protection of increased anti-wear, anti-friction and tackiness additives.

These oils are not suitable for use as a 2 stroke mix or engine oil.


Aegis uses a hitech tackifier component blended with high quality basestocks and brightstocks to produce a chainbar lube containing a solution of high molecular weight polyolefin in mineral oil.